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bill langlotz: Home

Hi, this is Bill Langlotz. Thanks for visiting my homepage. You can check out the songs, (through the links page). The Son is Shining, recorded in 1991-92 was on cassette tape. The songs were remastered, and released on CD, are available as downloads too. The songs are a variety of styles, giving thanks and praise to GOD and reminding us that only through JESUS, ARE WE SAVED.. (just ask with this prayer). LORD JESUS, I MAY NOT BE SURE WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT. BUT IF YOU WOULD FORGIVE MY SINS AND COME INTO MY HEART, SAVE MY SOUL AND REVEAL YOURSELF TO ME IN MY LIFE, AND FILL ME WITH YOUR HOLY SPIRIT, AMEN. You now have a new Life in CHRIST. He paid the price with HIS BLOOD washing our sins off the Cross!! Start a relationship with Jesus in prayerful moments throughout the day. Jesus will never leave you or forsake (abandon) you. May ALMIGHTY GOD BLESS YOU in the name of JESUS, Amen.   B.L.         (this site is under construction).

bill langlotz